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Two mechanics hunting enthusiasts, had emigrated to Switzerland, as happened to many Italians in those years.

The passion for hunting require to prepare the cartridges by yourself, and so, from an idea, passion and ingenuity, has born the first manual and automatic loader. Homemade constructions of course, that they has built after the work on Sunday nights.


The machines work very well and we have realized immediately that our products are very interesting and of course marketable, so we went back to the beloved homeland and we have started the mechanical workshop.

At the beginning, as always, it's not easy but when the products are valid, it's only a matter of time and the customers does all the rest.

So after a few corporate changes in the 80s and 90s, Cortini & Pezzotti starts the conquest of the Italian and the International markets with a products range from the manual loaders Combi and BiCombi that has become a must for the enthusiast, to the G73 and Mayor automatic loaders, that was able to satisfy all the demands of gunshops, professional shooters and beyond. Finally our products range, includes also the printing and the automatic priming machines, that they do their work very well.

In the most recent years Cortini Romano remained to conduct the business, a reliable person that was fairness in his work. Flanked by equally correct and hardworking workers, Cortini Romano continues his workshop and improves constantly his products with passion. The Cortini & Pezzotti products are machines "like once upon a time", robust, reliable and suitable to work for decades. It is not uncommon to see in our days in our workshop some of the 70s machines for maintenance, still in use after many years.

Cortini Romano was able to bring forward the development of his machines even in a period where the East and the local competitors try to realise similar products to Cortini & Pezzotti, by blatantly copying some times, but absolutely incomparable quality and robustness.

Cortini Romano has worked in his workshop till the last day of his life in Dicember 2011.

The daughter and the grandchildren were very happy to leave the reins of this historic company and its brand at Mancini Daniele, tireless and honest worker alongside of Cortini Romano for decades. Only Daniele could be able to continue to implement and improve those machines so unique that only those who know them for many years can discerns every secret, every measure, every "sound".

This is in brief the story of an Italian company, a company unique in its field.

Marco Tidei (grandchild of Cortini Romano)



BROCHURE 70's  [clicca per ingrandire]


AUTOMATIC LOADER L69  [click to enlarge]


AUTOMATIC LOADER L71  [click to enlarge]


AUTOMATIC LOADER G73  [click to enlarge]

AUTOMATIC LOADERS G73A & G73B  [click to enlarge]

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